f1 tt, friday (10/1), 4:30pm, beginner to advanced

4.361 km time trial, riders will be sent off in one minute intervals and have the start/finish along one of the long stretches before the pits.

might need a few volunteers to write down times, ill keep time on a cell phone, and someone else to hold the riders at the start. volunteers i mean riders can help out when its not their turn.

it might be cool to compare times now and after winter as a tool to see the effects of hibernation thanks to the mighty avalanches of snow that will soon be upon us.

meet at the GATES at 4:30. we will take a few warm up laps around the track.

make sure to baby oil your legs for speed.

Im still going down so if you want to come with me we could just time each other.

yikes i wont be able to make it after all.

I Dunno if I can make it. I have the stopwatch tho. May need to meet someone Later today(Thursday) to transfer it.

If no one is going I’m probably not going to show up either

Im riding as Long as I can Help with Setup and times and Stuff.

i’m there!

I knew something like this was coming.
Sounds awesome. I’ll try to make it if I can.
Question though: why are we meeting at the bridge?

its more convenient to meet at the bridge than riding through downtown with a peloton.

Gotcha makes sense.

I signed up but Im not completely sure I will be coming. If Im not there at 5 then leave without me, I’ll join you guys at the track.

Im still going to be there though I may be a bit late

Will aerobars be allowed?

why wouldnt they?

so… who’s gonna be wearing an areo helmet?

Aero helmets only admissable if made from cut-up cereal boxes

i was gonna use tin foil

Tin foil is too aero (dimpled surface - ask Zipp, that shit’s serious)

Hey If People don’t know where the bridge… Pm me. and we’ll set up a get to the Bridge shuttle

I probably won’t be able to make it to the bridge by 5, so I’ll join you guys at the track. Where on the track should I meet you? and what time will I have to be there by to start?