Fall MTB Race Season Potential Schedule

Hey guys,
So here is a potential list of races to attend this fall (these are MTB races, but roadies who are interested in doing some mountain biking and have appropriate bikes should definately look into coming to one of these if you want!)

Sept. 22/23 - UMass (ECCC)
Sept. 29/30 - UVM (ECCC)
Oct. 13/14 - Army/West Point (Not sure about this one yet…)
End of Oct./Start Nov. - Queen’s Hammer Dash n Burn Duathlon!

i’m hoping to go to all of them…

also, there is the “Tour de Mont Valin” that David posted about earlier on Sept. 8th…

If we want to do that one we should decide earlier rather than later as the race fees go up (by 50% if I’m not mistaken) by race day.

Any takers?

And what about the UCUP races over in Ontario? I thought we were going to try to go to a few of those…

yes, you are totally right Monika - we would like to do some races in the Ontario circuit, however the dates seem to be conflicting with some of our other dates. One such date is the Bromont training camp which will be at the same time as the race at Mansfield, I believe. We could always discuss whether we would rather go to the race or the training camp. The race in Port Hope also conflicts with another date, I can’t remember which one but I will check it up for you in a week when i get back from my camping trip. Other than that, the Ontario races seem to be rather far away. If possible I would love to get to at least one ontario race though too!