Friday 6:30am spin

Saturday 12:00pm lift/spin

Sunday 9:00am spin

Might spin pending on how much sleep I get.

I tried to edit this to add slots for each day, guess it didn’t work.

I just added the slots. Earlier I did it on my phone. I was lazy.

Won’t make it tomorrow, but I’m good for the other days

Oh yeah lift and spin

Friday spin only.

I am coughing non stop. Got dressed and tried to say “you’ll be fine, go anyways” but I failed. I will see you all tomorrow if I’m okay.

I hadn’t yet decided on whether or not to do something like last Sunday’s workout with Jocelyn or to do something more similar to the V workout of decreasing “up” time and “down” time.

You all who are not sick should decide amongst yourselves and then train hard.

Good Luck. I texted DhruvB and Eric incase nobody sees my post.

Saturday I don’t have the luxury of spending prime afternoon hours in the spin room. I’ll be in the spin room from 9:00 to 12:00 doing some base after which it’s time for lifting!

*fitness centre, not spin room. my bad

I still can’t find my shoes. I will not be at spin tomorrow.

Good luck everybody.

Whoever took them… Please give them back to Adam.