Finally some roadbiking worth watching

PS. If you own a pinarello dogma, please don’t try this, as I have seen TWO dogmas that cracked from just regular riding.

haha, and I’ve had members ask if riding their bikes off a curb will hurt it…

wow. I wonder how he generated that much torque. When he was on the metal poles he just sorta flung himself, flicking on the pedals. And to be able to go from an endo to a wheelie on a turn just takes guts

Some people have way too much skill.

P.S. Did anyone else cringe at the end when they sprayed WD-40 all over the drivetrain?

my attention was elsewhere

yeah i cringed. i feel like this is probably guerrilla marketing for wd 40

Yeah I know, right? The fuck is with this erected stem?

You see members of the left? This is why bikes should be banned and we should all drive cars and go to taco bell.