Fitchburg Longso

[s]So, there is a stage race in Sutton July 2-4
Its kind of a long way out, but would anyone like to go? be willing to drive? rent a car and chalet if needed?

Please reply with your interest[/s]

Who wants to race in AMERICA

is this the race that’s for masters only?

do fitchburg longso, same weekend!

Brandon, It’s a masters race only

alright, consider Coupe des Ameriques translates to Fitchburg Longso

my mistake!

Going to Fitchburg if I’m not alone!

Do you have a ride down?
I would try to go if its not too expensive

if you guys are going to need a place to stay, I live 1 hr away from where the race is. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to do it, but if people are coming down that will probably swing me towards a yes.

We can sleep at the College (dortoir) and if you add an extre 99$ you will be feed for 4 days. I have a car, but if I can find an other way to go there it will be better… like with any other car…!!

don’t you have to pay to stay in the college?

Yeah Alex you’re right…! So I’m trying to find a 3rd person and if I do, I’ll call you (even if we’re only too I think… :wink: )!

I can’t do the race (don’t have the $$) but if you need a place to stay it won’t be a problem.

Oh it would be awesome if we can stay at your place!

We are going to be 3 if Brandon is still coming (are you??).

Let me talk with my supervisor just to be sure but you can register something like tomorrow or wednesday! I’ll send you a mail.

Leaving on the 1st, and leaving the 5th, is alright for you Alex??

  • Leaving from Montreal the 1st and leaving from Boston the 5th…

it shouldn’t be a problem. My number in the states is 617 620 3392 so just give me a call to confirm everything.

Hey Math,

I don’t think I can go anymore. Im going to be super super busy for the next several weeks with my project.


Noooooo!!! Joking!

I’m going. Alex, I’ll call you for any further informations. Still looking for a 3rd person to come with, anyone interested? Men 1, 2, 3 or 4??? Don’t care about the time, my friend is a junior so we will have to be there early in the morning for him till late for me.