Food for thought or thought on food

Its a good read and this style of nutrition is starting to make a comeback. Might as well stay ahead of the game.

This will give a good idea of an area in nutrition that is commonly neglected in many athletes diets. Enjoy

Nutrition = black magic/borderline religion with a dangerous micro-dose of science. The fact that stuff trends and needs to “make a comeback” should be a big warning sign.

if we substitute the word with dietetics does that make it better?

I tend to agree with Jason. I just eat whatever until I’m full and then I go ride.

And you’ve never bonked, so clearly you’re doing something right…

I believe in the following for nutrition:

Vegetables good. Chocolate frosted sugar bombs bad.

On the contrary, if I bonked it must have been a result of not eating enough, rather than not eating right. This year I’ll just have 3 pounds of meat everyday.

No, then it just sounds more like Scientology.

Josef = tom cruise