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Funny, I was about to post something similar. At least it’s not as bad as Strava.

Work on thesis, or look up more animated gifs?

[quote=PeteW]Work on thesis, or look up more animated gifs?

A third option

Alright fellas, what are some of the most talked about topics that we can post about in the Everything Else section in order to make up for the loss of the Rides section, may it hibernate peacefully.

I’m thinking something provocative about hipsters, Lance Armstong/Doping, how cool Rapha is, the probability behind RISK… oh, and how to find a stud in a wall! That one was fantastic:

What are other classic threads/topics?

Everyone remembers the great thread about translating idioms and expressions:

An who can forget the great AJ vs Jason_L tech geek-out debates of 2009?:

I’m going to have to read that idiom post. Amazing

Well, another 2009 AJ-Jason_L tech geek out. It took me a while to remember what to search for to find it, but it was “anisotropy”.

I just spit chili on my keyboard reading the AJ/Jason fights. That was a different class of engineers on the team back then.

yeah ones interested in the science and not the money

this is amazing!!! it’s like the Greatest Hits of Mcgill Cycling album!

Amazing “snowflake” animations on a bike wheel

[quote=Jonathan]Amazing “snowflake” animations on a bike wheel

Great example of the Nyquist frequency!