FQSC UCI License

Does anyone know how long it typically takes the FQSC to issue UCI licenses? I would like to make sure to get it before we start racing in the US.

Also, is McGill a FQSC affiliated club this year? I will probably register under McGill if possible

It takes about 2 weeks i think for it to get to you in the mail, so it’s a good idea to get that going soon. Yes, mcgill will be a registered club with FQSC, although that hasn’t been finalized so I’m not sure what the status is. Maybe Mat can better answer that question.

well, for now i suggest just registering under independent… you can always change it later on in the season, i think it’s about ten bucks. i can’t really remember exactly how long they take to come, but about two weeks. and thanks for reminding me!! there might be an old thread hanging around here explaining how to order one… it’s kinda complicated on the website, and i don’t know how good your french is…

here is a link to that post…


it’s post #7 of that thread.

I haven’t bought mine yet this year, but they have a brand new and much better website (like us :slight_smile: ), so hopefully it will be better. Last year it did cost 10$ to change teams.

You can also bring the receipt to the first races (it’s valid for something like two weeks from the time you order your licence) and it acts as a licence.

question for Ben or Mat : is there a deadline to register a team with FQSC?

perhaps in mid februrary. mat knows more about this than me. But they (FQSC) know that we are working on it, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

hey Nick, no ther is no deadline to register a team. HOWEVER, you get a $100 discount if you register before February 16th 2010

and how much does it actually cost?


o, i thought it was a lot more,


I think I’m going to get an OCA license instead this year because I’ll be doing most of my racing there this year…I remember last year there were some questions as to whether points from Ontario cups and stuff would be credited to upgrading the FQSC license. Is this ok? any license will work for the ECCC races right?

Brandon - I remember seeing you at races in Ontario, are you going to be there this summer again? you might want to look into it also if you want to upgrade your license…but i’m not 100% sure.

What do you mean “upgrade your license?” I’m not sure how all this licencing stuff works for road.

Also, tommy are you planning on racing with Cycling at McGill this summer? Or will you have some other (lesser) team in ontario?

In Quebec I do not think there are any formal rules for upgrades to different categories like in the US etc. If you want ot race 1/2, then you buy a 1/2 license.

i think to ride 1/2, you need to have had a 3/4 license before. Don’t need points as far as i know.

In all case, you should get an international UCI license, which allows you to ride in Québec, Ontario AND New Jersey

o, and i forgot Milano - San Remo

in QC, no need to have had a 3/4 licence to get a 1/2 licence. As Peter said, you choose what you want.

wait so I can just buy a 1/2 license?

do you guys have to incorporate in order to get the team registered with fqsc?

Incorporate? No, we have to become a non-profit organization, and we are almost finished with that process.