FREE Brand new Jersey and ... a trainer?!

I have a brand new with tag size large ABC Cycles jersey. I might even have matching bibs! For FREE! to the first poster. I also have a trainer which I would like to donate to the Cycling Team at large for pre-race warmups and such. To whom should I direct this trainer?

PS The Buy and Sell board is BLOWING UP these days! Awesome.

Called the jersey.
Happy Birthday Ben! :smiley:

Dibs on the bibs?

No bibs, sorry. and Dhruv got the jersey. well, he still has to pick it up. And who should I give the trainer to for team storage?

I can take the trainer off your hands

cool. Let’s make that happen

I am out of town this weekend but I can come by anytime next week starting Tuesday

cool. I’ll send you a text