FREE cycling clothing

I have a bag full of last season’s Bikereg team clothing given to me by an ex-MCT rider who wanted it to go to someone on the McGill team who could use it.


Men’s small - 3
Men’s medium - 1 - dibs’d
Men’s medium long sleeve - dibs’d

Men’s medium jacket - 1 dibs’d
Men’s medium vest - 1 - dibs’d

Men’s medium skinsuit - 1
Men’s small skinsuit - 1 - dibs’d

Men’s medium bibs - 2 (1 dibs’d)

Armwarmers - 1 pr - dibs’d
Gloves - 1 pr - dibs’d

Rudy Project helmet - 1 - dibs’d

As seen here:

or here

Take clothes if you’re short on cycling clothes. PM me and we’ll sort out a meet up.

soooooooooooooo wish I was in montreal right now

Dibs on the Mens small skinsuit, arm warmers, and gloves :slight_smile:

Can I come try the skinsuit on?

Yes you can. Someone beat you to the gloves sorry. The rest are yours.

Oh, I was wondering who were all the new bikereg riders on Houde this past week. Nice kits!