FREE jerseys, Size M (all gone)


I was given a few jerseys that i’m not in need of. Free for any MCT paid up member. respond here and we can arrange pickup at next week’s KOM. All are size Medium and have pockets

Cool retro jersey. Not wool, but looks like it. Cool button pockets on the back.

i want the orange one! or any

i want the E.S. Livarot one!!

You should turn that yellow one into the teams yellow Jersey. And award it to the winner of the Tuesday nicht shoot out.

Looks like orange and blue jerseys are claimed! If you guys have paid your team fees they are yours. Pickup is at next week’s Thursday am KOM.

Yellow still up for grabs. It’s far too neon to be a “yellow” jersey. Besides, the only jersey color that really matters is GREEN!

Hey - I’ll take the neon one. I’ll pretty much say yes to anything free related to biking…

Done and Done. I’ll bring all three to KOM on thursday.