Fri. 12pm F1

Hitting the F1 for a bit on Friday afternoon after a rather sedentary week of horrid exams - weather is supposed to be great!

For those not able to go to Dartmouth
Gates at 12pm

I would come but my exam finishes at 12 on Friday. I can join you an hour later though.


Hey im new to this forum and not on the team or anything, but im going to try to show up tomorrow anyways. See you there if I make it!

Meet at the U-turn?

sure, I will still leave the gates at 12 though

knowing me ill probably be running late anyways - see you at the track

My bad I didnt even see the part about the gates. ha yea I’ll be at the gates then at noon

I have an exam until 12 too, so i will hopefully be down there a little after, maybe 1 ish. I will look out for yas

shit sooo I just woke up… ill be at the gate at 1pm now…

Hahaha Max, I will probably be there at like 2

haha ben you slacker! you missed me and nybom getting ass whipped by a speedy chick

Too bad! chicks that bike fast are hot.