Friday 4:30PM Beginner - Estacade

Beginner ride leaving from Roddick Gates at 2pm. I’m thinking about doing a few runs of the estacade for about a total of 2 hours.

Any chance of you leaving any later?

you forget that most beginners are lower years (cough myself cough) and midterms are continuing tomorrow. I’d love to do this but alas, I cannot

And some of us are stuck in offices til 5
Geez Jason

I wouldn’t mind pushing this back. What time works best for you guys?

9:15 pm: after my midterm…
but seriously I can’t make it, If we did this saturday, I could totally (and would be willing to) make it.

I’m finish class at 3:30…anytime after that I’m down to ride.

Cool. 6? Might be a bit dark by the time we get back.

May want to start a bit earlier than 6 if you plan on going out for 2 hours.

The sun sets at like 6:15 now argh

how about this at 4:30. then i can make it

fyi you’ll only get 2 runs of the estacade if your goal is two hours. two =/= few, two = couple

4:30 good for everyone?

yes. change title of this ride <3

Something just came up but i still may be able to make it. If I’m not at the gates at 4:30 don’t wait up.

Congrats to the new team member on her first group ride! WICKED RIDING!