FRIDAY 4PM Beginner ride, Endurance

hey all,

here it is, the friday afternoon ride posted by yours truly. this will be a nice easy pace around 20-30km once we get out of the city. the aim of the ride is to introduce new riders to great spots they can ride in montreal, as i know this city can be quite alarming cycling wise if you’re a fresh face. average speed will be 25km/hr ish, probably slower at points, and faster at others. (…that’s why it’s an average…)

so come one, come all and join in on the fun!

see y’all on the road! :slight_smile:

vic how long will you be going out for? I may keep you guys company :slight_smile:

Hey, are we meeting at the Roddick gates?

well, sorry to report, i cannot make this ride. however, the fearless allsion will be taking over in my place.

veronica, probably going to end of the lachine canal and back, around 30k. so, 1h30 to 2h. you should go!!!

I might be able to make this ride, it depends if my bike gets fixed tomorrow or not.

will be there… 4 pm roddick gates!

something came up, its become a lame routine by now, but i cant make it to the ride…another week i cant ride…but the day will come…soon (i hope?)

So Veronica, I guess you are leading this ride? Have fun, take it easy.

Allison’s coming too.
It’s possible that if I’ll continue the ride with anyone who feels up to doing another 20 or so kilometers; we’ll go to the ice bridge.

lecture :frowning:

i have a slight injury in my right knee and i dont want to force it for now, so i wont make it to the ride this upcoming friday, but im posting this so that maybe some other ride leader that can make it to the ride can post a sticky for this friday 18…sorry guys


I would except that we will be leaving for a race. Can anyone help out our ride leaders here?

I would love to do this ride but I have lectures until 4:30… is there a set route? maybe I could intercept the ride or something?!
any ideas…

So, even with the vermonster (vic it won’t be the same without you) I guess I’ll still go on friday for something.
Is it still on?

im not sure if im going to make it (once again), im trying to get myself out of this workshop but i dont know how well thats gonna work…

Ok- for people going (I’m counting you too allison, even though you have yet to register)- I have this meeting type thing that I should go to at 6. I don’t know what your ideas are for this ride- I heard seaway earlier-but if we could maybe plan on something that could get me back to my apartment just before 6 that would rock. even if that means meeting 10 minutes earler…

yes. sea way and back, maybe south shore to jacques cartier, but i’m not optimistic about that one.

alright. allison and i will be there. route will depend on weather.

why was this just cleared? whoever is coming, please sign up, ASAP! admin question: how do you clear these stickies?

I’m guessing this ride isn’t happening today?