Friday Dec16 SPIN

Its the same routine as last week.

8:30 - 10:30 because I hate morning workouts. I actually despise them.

There is nobody in the room after us and besides one crazy person nobody would go to spin before a 9 am exam anyways.



Oh thank you so much for moving this back.

Call me crazy, but I look forward to getting up at 5 on fridays. Really kicks the day off.

I guess I’ll be the second crazy guy who doesn’t mind early spins. The beauty of doing an early spin is that it gets you awake and then you still have a full day to do whatever you want. I’ll be there though.

I would totally go to a spin before a 9am exam - does that really make me crazy? And I’d probably do way better on the exam because of it… luckily I don’t have an exam on friday, so I’ll come.

It seems I have stirred a contraversy with my use of the word crazy. I’m sorry.

What if we compromised the times by starting at 7:30?

8:30 works just leave it at that for this week
we’re just musing over petit trifles:D

Does someone want to take a final for me so I can come to this?

^I’d agree with both Jason and Josef…spins wake you up. Too bad I have a 9am friday final :frowning:

I’m going to side with Adam. The only reason I would NOT go to a 6:30am spin is that I can never get enough sleep before then.

I will officially start the workout at 8:30. But there is nothing stopping the early birds.

are we going to have music this time?

We are thinking about stealing it from the varsity weight room. Otherwise I’ve heard the triathlon team has a boom box.