Friday evening spin (January 25th)

Friday evening, January 25th in the spin room. See previous Friday spin posts for all the details.

Please note that the spin room is miraculously hot despite the weather. I’ve been told that Facilities is waiting for a replacement for some broken part in the heating / cooling system and then everything will be great. I’ve also been told that if you eat the right combination of energy gels, bars, and liquids you can fart out gold coins. Anyway, bring a towel, water, and your pedal / shoe combination. Or SPD compatible shoes. Or just running shoes. I’ll bring music, wrenches, and a fan.

The Friday spin is for all club / team members. All levels, all abilities, all stages of fitness. People who have never done a spinning workout before. People who are tired of spinning. Everyone gets a good workout in a relatively stress - free environment.