Friday March 19th Road Ride 3pm, F1 track vroom vroom

I finish at 12h30 tomorrow, weather forecast is 15°C before a return to somewhat crappy weather next week.
I don’t think going to the West Island is the best thing to do on a Friday afternoon, traffic-wise.
I will probably go to the F1 track for a good 3 hours. If the weather is like what is predicted, there will be lots of cyclists there. We can either follow the pelotons, or do our own group intervals (like we did today).
If you’re interested in going to the F1 between 3 and 6, sign-up here!

i have a tutorial to go to but could make it by 3 30.

Ah, nuts. I have a lab from 2:30-5:00. This is just what I needed :frowning: Sorry guys.

Changed the time from 2 to 3 pm. I’ll probably be there until around 6

Meeting at the F1 track at 3?

Ill probably be at the track as well

I will be there, but a little late. I am not moving too quick right now