Friday Night Hammer Fest, September 30th 4:30 F1

There will be an emphasis on fast pack riding. Primarily, one up pace lines, echelons, and how to sit on when you need a rest and communicate that.

All are welcome.

Yeah I’ll be there.

I really have no reason why I shouldn’t be there.

Bumping this post, the ride will still occur in light rain

I might be a bit late. I’ll get to the track between 4h30 and 5.

Hopefully it doesn’t rain…

yea let’s do it.

cant have happy hour at 5pm sorry be at the track earlier

We officially meet at 4:30 at hairpin turn, i’ll be there a bit earlier doing a warm up.

Ok sounds good. 4h30 official start time. I’ll be early too.

They say it’s going to rain starting at 4h30-5. Can anyone come earlier?

Nice ride guys.

Yea great ride, sorry for cutting some of your pulls short Jocelyn

That’s okay, Dennis does that too…I guess people don’t like to see hairy legs off the front.