Friday or Saturday Night Party/Social

Hey Everyone,

We were thinking of going out on Friday or Saturday to have some drinks and hang out, and talk about bikes, racing and shaved legs. Not sure where, not sure when, but just seeing how many people would be down for something.

We’ll probably meet up somewhere (maybe our place) and head to a pub or something.

Either Friday or Saturday. Since we’re cyclists, we’ll either be passed out or heading to bed by midnight, so if we go Saturday, you’ll still have plenty of time for good sleeps before the race. If anything, it will be an equalizer.


I is down with dat shiz! 8)

see y’all

So, meet at our place (1537 Ave Summerhill) at 9pm, or meet at the corner of Sherbrooke and Crescent at around 9:20.

We’ll take a group consensus at 9:25 about where to go, but it will be either Irish Embassy, McGibbons, or Cage Aux Sport on De la Gauchetiere.

I wanna talk about shaving my legs!

I’ll meet you guys at Crescent.


DAMN IT! wont b able to make it finally…
why do i gotta miss everything cycling these days!!! :?

bleuhhhh, I miss y’all!, hehe

We’re heading to the Irish Embassy tonight, its on Bishop, just south of St. Catherine. See you there. We,ll be there around 9:30