Friday Sept 21st - F1 track 1630 - Beginner

So I was thinking about doing laps at the F1 track at around 1630 for about an hour and a half. I’d like to get enough people so we can do pace line(s) or we can just go and try to keep a steady pace. Whichever, just comment if you want to go! I’ll be waiting at the Roddick Gates and I’ll be leaving at 1620 so if you want to go, show up. or sign up above

Would’ve loved to come on this ride. Next time.

I had to find some time in my (surprisingly) hectic schedule for today to do this ride and 4:30-6:00 is the only time I can. Hopefully next time you can!

Sweet. Thanks for posting the Friday Evening Beginner Ride Tommy. Eric is away this evening.

No problem. I have to keep on pushing this later and later. I originally wanted to go at 3:30, but then I found out I have a mandatory workshop at 3, so I just decided that 430 would be a good time. And also, who doesn’t like riding on a friday afternoon before hitting the pubs??

strike that… “had to”

Going to have to duck out tonight, forgot that I had a check up with my dental surgeon at 4:30

Okay, don’t worry about it

Well that was a fun ride. Thanks to Ruth and Sarah for coming out!! I had no clue that sprinting on Circuit GV would be so tiring but I guess I should have expected it!