Friday sept 24- Mt St Hilaire- 9am- Advanced

If I remember correctly this ride is about 100 kms. I don’t have class friday so if anyone else is in the same boat, or wants to skip class meet at the mcgill gates at 8:00.

Update - changed ride to mt st hilaire. if no one signs up i’m not stopping at the gates

there’s some road work going on on the back side of st hilaire. not so nice to ride on right now. do you have to leave so early?

If you feel like riding out west and doing the ile perrot loop i would join you. It ends up being around 100km. I live in pointe-claire and could meet you halfway, say Lachine. Anyways give me a shout if youre up for it. 438-868-3120

uncle nick, we don’t have to leave so early. We’ll leave at 9:00 from the mcgill gates

just got up. looks ugly out. waiting for 1 of my buddy’s to call me he’ll finish work soon. i’ll post back shortly.

sorry alex but i’m getting a little soft as i get older and will sit this one out because of the weather. sounds a little lame but what can i say. are you still going to go ride?

No worries, Brandon and I decided that we were going to sit this one out. Another time

maybe you can get something together for tomorrow at the gates at 9?