FS: McGill Skinsuit, size M

Does anyone want to buy my McGill Skinsuit? It’s never been worn and i’m not going to need it (oops…). This is a brand new suit, i’d like to sell it to someone who is having regrets about not ordering one when they had the chance.

Size Medium, long sleeve.

let me know!

i am potentially interested in this.

I am also maybe interested, but I’ll need to see what’s happening with synergy jerseys first. I’ll get back to you. Are you racing for some other team this summer scott?

Ben, yes. Otherwise i’d keep this suit. It’s sick.

For reference, i wear size M bibs and a (pretty tight) size S jersey.

no longer interested in this.

It was a fleeting but glorious affair Victoria.

those 11 1/2 hours will forever have a place in my heart, scott.

I am still interested in this. I assume we are talking about the brand new 2011 skin suit? I would like to try it on, and perhaps at the same time return your long lost water bottle.

@Ben yes, 2011.

Call me anytime to swing by for a try on. I’m free tues-fri after 6:30

hey guys, is this still available?

i’m a mcgill grad that really regrets not buying a jersey while i could…=(