Hey guys,
To help offset some costs of racing, or for general usage, it’s time to start doing some fundraising for Cycling @ McGill. This is also a great way to get some more exposure on campus before racing/riding season starts.
I’m going to start booking tables in Leacock (since I don’t know how to do it in Engineering) for samosa/bake sales. First I want to know what days work better for people. It would be ideal to have 5 or so people available for the day- two to begin with, some overlap, two at the end, you get it. And with bake sales, it’s necessary that we have baking volunteers!
Since I don’t know how to create a poll on here (jon!?), could you guys let me know if T/R or M/W/F would be better for each of you to help ouy, and who would be willing to bake cookies, muffins, sweets, and the like.
Nothing will be booked until after the break.

MWF, I can’t bake.

I could volunteer too if i’m not working, and I love baking. I could bake at least 3 things for a bake sale no problem.

MWF work best for me. I STRESS BAKE!

i cant bake but am willing to sit at a table and stare at those who pass by so that they donate money…lol…hey john, maybe we can put up signs in frostbite? I can also find out how to book tables in eng mcconnell if u want me to???

i could bake muffins