Geneviève Jeanson admits it all

check out the documentary:

The episode is in four parts (the others being at the bottom of the screen)

and Episode 2 is thursday at 8 on radio-canada, so make sure you check out the link first.

Hey Nick, what’s that quote at the bottom of your post from? I’ve heard it before but don’t know when

i dunno, i saw it on a dutch forum and translated it

Part I was pretty interesting and part two looks even better. What a twisted life that poor girl has had! To deny everything for 10 years and then finally admit, you’ve gotta be pretty messed up.

BTW it’s in french

no kidding, she lived with her coach at 17, and we’ll probably see next episode taht she was sexually under his control, as well as emotionally so he could get her to take epo…

but denying and lying becomes the reality, Lance, Ullrich, Contador, basically everyone who races above Men’s C.

I think the doping occurs at and above the national level pro teams. I’m not sure sure Mens C is the cutoff though :lol: