Getting started younger

any thoughts?

I knew children started doing sports early in the USA…But 3 years old ?
Plus, the distances aren’t that small for their age.

I think its good though I come from a famaily that was pushed and encourage to take part in sports. My mother did some canoe races as well as sailboat racing then changed over time and did her life gaurd lessons and eventually went on to doing teaching lessons.

Due to that when I was small I learnt to swim, did competition swimming, started learning to ski before even learning how to ride a bike or at least around that same time it allowed me to discover which sports I enjoy and to open my interest in diffrent activities that over all keep me in shape and healthy and I still believe that some of the training that we did was a little over the top… try swimming with cotton long johns on or a layer of cloths to increase the weight and resistance on the body.


I see nothing bad with doing competitions and / or other events though people have to keep in mind that it should not interfere with some of the core things that children should be doing at a young age such as developing there voice and ability to interact with otheres as well as there education and most importantly a child should be haveing FUN

from a diffrent prespective, my mother now has a daycare and offers her clients swimming lessons, some children start learning to swim around the age of 1 to 1.5 (when I say learn its, learning the principles example how to kick in the water… the motion and taking the fear of water away from the child as many children HATE water).

Some of her children ages 3,4,5 are now able to swim without floaters and can jump of the spring board which is 2 Meters high and requires at least 1.5 to 2 meters to be swam before they reach the ladder. This shows that even at a young age those children are capable of a certain level of endurance and its rather easy to point out which child will be able to preform more then an other due to how much they can endure before feeling tired.

I would like to add that the children where not always like this though and at first some where reluctent to participate or did not want to put the effort though after some encouragment and a fair amount of practice most children develop the stamina / endurance to be able to cover those distance and often surpass what is expected of them by there parents.

This year the best example is the children left from nunes island on bike and made there way to the beach in the middle of the F1 track without being assisted or pushed. so 6km minimum for some children ages 2 years old and up.

Over all
It comes down to the parents and what they want to do with there child at such a young age, as much as it brings possitive results it can also put a lot of stress or pressure on a child to preform or succeed depending on how the parent coops with there childs preformance.

Often the parents are more of a danger for the childs health then the distance they need to cover.

id say its good to get kids started on sports from an ealy age (ok, maybe not 3), but only for the purpose of getting them used to a healthy sports-filled life, and not to take part of the fun of being a kid and being able to mess around with bikes, balls, etc…

the real issue is not the age… don’t forget what sport these parents are trying to get their children into…

anything in moderation - my parents never really tried all that hard to get me into sports and it took self motivation at a fairly older age to get active and into shape and in some ways things are still an uphill battle.

I can’t see this as being any worse than getting heavily involved into ballet or gymnastics at a very early age (you can start kids as young as 1 year old in gymnastics and the supposed best starting age is 3-4), never mind things like football.

As long as the atmosphere is about the kids having fun, and not the parents satisfying their narcissism I think its great.