Getting to Cycle Neron?

Hey MCT,

Does anyone know how I can get myself and my bike (in need of repair) to Cycle Neron?

I know you can’t take bicycles on the buses, but you can take them on the metro. The metro wouldn’t get me off the island, which would entail a lot of time wasted walking because my bike is not really in riding shape (hence why I am taking it to Neron for repairs).

Another option is if somebody with a car could offer to drive my bicycle there (one-way trip). I will reimburse gas expenses.

I plan to make this trip this Friday, March 16th, 2012.


The metro definitely does leave the island, see the Longueuil station. But then you would need to get from there to Neron, which might be a chore.

Couldn’t you just repair it at another bike shop on the island?

@Naomi: Great point! :slight_smile:

that’s a good deal!
i just don’t like having to use a car to get to a bike shop. it goes against my principles

I don’t know… it’s only 20km, I can’t believe your new bike is in such a state that you couldn’t ride it there and take a bus back.