Giveaway/selling stuff

(Nicolas Kleban) #1

Hey guys,

I got some stuff I’m trying to unload. Hoping it can all go to people on the team!

Garmin Cadence Sensor, new in box (great for indoor training): $25
Smith Attack Chromapop glasses. Comes with case, two lenses and cleaning rag/travel case. Rose lenses have a scratch on them: $50
SPD Shoes x 2 (both size 42). Again, good for winter training especially if you come to MCT spin class (which you should): $15 each

Also have some jerseys, bibs and a few other accessories I can give away if people are in need of some kit. Just shoot me a message, I have a bit of everything.

(Nowaz Syed) #2

I might be interested in your spd shoes. What do they look like?

(Nicolas Kleban) #3

These are the shoes. Both work but you can see the ones on the left are missing the cap for the boa system, so you may want to replace that if that sort of thing annoys you.

P.s Glasses have been taken.

(Nicolas Kleban) #4

Thanks everyone who reached out! I’ve put aside what everyone asked for. For those wondering, this is what I still have left.

-3 jerseys (1 long sleeved, 2 short sleeved)
-4 bibs
-two vests
-3 skin suits (1 long sleeved, 2 short sleeved)
-1 knee warmer set
-1 arm warmer set
-2 pairs of shoe covers
-1 pair of mtb baggie shorts :wink:

Shoes/cadence sensor also still available!