Gotta love those Schlecks

Talking about their chances at the 2012 TDF:

“My dad, he always used to say, if you lift 100 kilos today, you will lift them tomorrow also. So there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be there,” Fränk said, in a rare philosophical moment.

“We want to life more than 100 kilos next year,” Andy stressed.

“But it’s not like we do lifting,” his brother added.

I’m a schleck fan, I had to share this.

Pretty much sums up both what’s right and what’s wrong about their race mentality…
I really wish they were more aggressive.

“Back squats.” ~ Chris Hoy.

Have they looked at the parcours? They know there’s almost 100km of ITT, right?

I’m going to go with the cannibal on this one, Frandy should be riding the giro next year. Why? Because Andy has won just a single notable race his entire career, the boys can climb and contador won’t be there. FRANDY 4 Giro/Vuelta next year.

Also, maybe they should do some lifting?

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Also, this,

beautiful shirt.