GP Brossard - May 1st

Coming up soon: Criterium in Brossard. It’s a 20 minute bike ride away. It’s a 5 1/2 corner crit. April’s gonna be over, so it better be nice and sunny.

Going as well.

That is an absolutely awesome looking root. Adam’s ready to hammer, and talk about Adam in the third person.

Are we meeting somewhere to bike over?

Mcgill Gates ? The race is at 15h20 and Brossard is 15k away from downtown. So should we meet at the gates at 13h50 ? That way we’ll be there an hour before…

I like the plan Jocelyn. But do you know how to get there? I get lost on bike rides.

otherwise we may be cutting it too close for comfort, especially if we get lost or something.

13h35 sounds more reasonable, you’re right.
I’ll bring a map. I suggest Drew and / or anyone who has a GPS also program the route on it, and we’ll be fine.

I’ll be going early to take pictures during the girls and masters A races, so I’ll be leaving with Ruth around 9:15. Here’s a map of the best way to get there. It’s somewhat shorter and more pleasant through the F1 track and locks, but you can get stuck if a boat is passing and they’ve lifted the bridge.

The next 2 scheduled boats passage times can be found here:

but I don’t know how accurate this is, and they can take up to ~45 minutes to pass. Right now, there are 2 boats by 11, so I can’t tell what’s gonna happen this pm.


Once you get off J-C, turn right until St-Charles, and then go left. It’s the same street as when we go to Varennes, but in the opposite direction. Follow this street for a long time (it’s name becomes Riverside, but it just follows the highway/water). There’s a bike path you can take along it. For a while, you’ll be directly next to the highway. The bike path switches sides of the road at an exit from the highway. The road will also veer off slightly. Take a right at the next intersection and pass under the highway. You’ll have a bike path starting near the water. Turn left onto it and follow the bike path (no branching or anything, so it’s dead easy) until you come to the next real intersection, which will be Boulevard Rome. Turn left onto there, go under the highway, and hook a right at the next possible intersection Stravinski (I think there’s a gaz station there). Follow Stravinski until Rivard, turn left, and you’ll hit the race course.

look at that, no excuse for getting lost now.
I’ll join you at the gates 13h35 (possibly with satnav) but not sure if i’ll race

I’ll be there

The McGill Cycling jersey flashing shots for our sponsors:

The rest to be uploaded to facebook soon.

Pictures of Seniors Men are all from Ruth!

All pictures are also available in full res. I have a bunch more too.