GP Contrecoeur April 21st

Is anyone planning on going for the senior 1-2 / senior 3 start time on Saturday (2:30pm) that might have room for me and my bike?

First fqsc race of the year! I’d like to be there

I am also looking for a ride, but for a 12 o’clock start.
I can pay for gas or trade a ride for a loaf of focaccia bread.

I’m in. Lets do this.

I’d give Cat 3 a try as long as Adam pulls me the whole race.

I personally hope to make it out of the first corner. My entire game plan is to win the race before the race and then get to pretend to be in the peleton longer as they pass me.

Also Neal you own a car right? (rhetorical question) Will you drive us? (real question)


I can drive us!

You have a bike rack correct?

Not sure when/how I’m getting there yet, but I’m doing it.

Count me in.

BTW isn’t this on the 21st and isn’t Senior 1/2 off at 2:30 and Senior 3 at 2:33

Josef, you’re right on both accounts. I must have been sleeping when I posted this

I may be in…

So who’s still serious about doing this? I’m adding a sign-up at the top.

Email sent.

may be able to bring some people. Will post tomorrow morning how many

If there’s room in the car on short notice I may go (depends how I feel for my chemistry final)

i have one spot left. Please whoever confirm asap

Nic, Are you going early enough for the noon Women’s start? No pressure.

sorry I’m full now taking Justin, phil & Berbard.

Real time update… Its still raining. Just saying.