GP Ste-Martine - Quebec season opener - April 23rd

It’s only 30ish minutes away from Montreal, flat as a pancake, windy as the summit of Mount Washington and only two weeks away.

For those who can’t make it to Dartmouth, it’s the next best thing.

Women: 53km
Men Senior 3: 84km
Men Senior 1-2: 105km

I think this is the same weekend as PSU, not Dartmouth.

Even better then, there should be more people in town!

My summer team is into this so i’m there (sr 1-2) for sure. Pumped to race with a bunch of sketchy Quebec dudes who’ve been stuck on the rollers for 4 months… Crashtastic.

I work in the morning but I should be able to make it since the senior 3 race starts at 15:17

If I don’t go to PSU I’ll go to this. And solo TT it. Off the back. And puke.

When’s the deadline to register?

No deadline. In fact, the earliest you can register is the day of the race. Fancy that.

I hope there’s a sizeable McGill contingent there! I’ll do my best to be there, all decked out in McGill colours!

I’ll be there, but don’t know how good publicity it will be for McGill

anyone know what the deal is with day licences for this?

usually between 10-20$.

How is everyone getting back to the city on saturday after the race. Or to the Race.

Is their pre/online registration?

Registration is on site.

If you got an fqsc licence, they’ll have your numbers.

I want to come, how is everyone getting there?

I am going to spend today, maybe tonight organizing the travel etc. Everybody keep in touch on this thread. I’ll try to get the information out before everybody goes to bed tonight.



k, I am also going if there’s travel. Otherwise I don’t think I have 150km day in me.

I think I’m going either way, unless it’s rainning a bit too hard for my liking. Anyone care to join me in riding to and from the race?

If weather is nice i’d like to bike back after the race.

I might bike back too.

This is the information I have as of this moment:

I can get us a Panel Van for tomorrow to transport all bikes, equipment, etc to and from the location. However, it will only have room to take driver, and one other person as a 2 seat vehicle.

There are no other rental vehicles in Montreal this weekend (because it is Easter)

Having bikes but no people at the race seems counterintuitive. So I would like for people to email me at to tell me what they need to get to and from the race and I will try to accommodate everybody.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to work out my license for this race (Quebec resident or not nonsense) so I’m not sure if I’m racing, but I will be getting to the race one way or another to pay for everybody’s race fee with the team account (this is a one time deal). So I will be around.

I am also open to suggestions.