Grand prix les cedres

Who’s coming on Sunday? Finally a race in the afternoon, not too far.

I’m going, my family is coming too!

i would like to tag along, even though i’m out of shape from lying about in my parent’s house all week… ah, i love going home!

but… does anyone have a ride? and space for me?

i also need to figure my logistics out

I can take one person if they can pitch in for gas a bit (5$?). It’s my mom driving, though, so you’ll have to be at my place (asking her to drive somewhere to pick somebody up will cause a loud argument…) when she shows up.

Hey, I’ll also have 2 confy places left or 3 tight, with bikes and all.
My mom’s coming down and driving, so we’ll be leaving at 12:30 (registration ends at 13:45) from my place. I’m 2 minutes walking from jolicoeur metro. Call me tomorrow morning or email me asap if you want a place.
514-762-5602 odontomachus at gmail com