Green Mountain Stage Race

Fishing for interest in this race.
September 2-5

Hmmm, this year it’s not at the same time as the provincials. I might be in.

Depending on logistics and interest the team may subsidize travel and hotel. Therefore you should speak up if you are even only marginally interested.


I am marginally interested.





I will not be able to make it but I need somebody to take point on the organization of travel. Remember that this is during the first week of school when signing up.

Whoever decides to set this up send me the numbers and the team will try to pay as much of it as possible.

interested, school sucks.

Marginally interested for reason stated above.

Marginally interested. I may be done with my thesis by then!



There are absolutely enough interest for this race to be subsidized. I still need an organizer though.

I will help organize if someone else also volunteers. I’ve never organized a race weekend before.

From google maps it looks like it’s only about a 3h drive to Warren, VT and all the races are fairly close so we could stay in the same place every night?

What categories will be represented, for those of you who are more than marginally interested?

Pro/1 or 2/3, not sure. Whatever Brandon races.

So it’s just Jon who is interested? I need some affirmatives.

I am interested.