"Gruber Assist"

I haven’t met him yet, so someone else better make a joke about this: http://www.gruberassist.com/category/englisch/

he always seemed a bit too fat to be racing Sr 1-2. It’s all so clear now.


Man, check out that product description

With the help of Gruber Assist, “Cycling becomes fitness cycling and is thereby healthier”

The real kicker? The kit costs $2500!

Who on earth is going to shelve out that sort of money? It’s not stealthy anyway, all those electrical things are damn noisy in operation.

For that price you can buy equally useless but dramatically cooler small turbine engines, slap 2-3 of those to your bike and outrun cars on main roads without even pedalling, and they sound cool as hell.

Here is the pro version

$2500 wouldn’t even get you refrigerated panniers, let alone the centrifuge…

thanks for the post

Wonder if the UCI has regs against this?

Cancellara uses the Gruber assist!


Wow, even mountain bikers have caught onto this now,

This is one way to get caught

I always thought downhillers were unnaturally skilled at staying upright…I guess it’s because they’ve been using gyros the whole time =P

That’s why the bikes are so heavy. The tubes are full of gyros.

every day cycling starts to look more and more like its all fake…first human doping, now (or even years ago) bikes?! whats next, bribery? no wonder cycling gets bad publicity

whatevs. local is where it’s at anyway. i bike cause i enjoy it, and want to beat my friends

Given that there has been massive cheating in pro-cycling since day 1 I’ve always just considered it to be part of the culture.

I’m still waiting for someone to figure out how to take the train to a stage win again.

I just want to look fast

ditto what Jason said.

The story will not die :bigsmile:

Will not die prt deux:


Damn bandwagoners, these guys are just as bad as ambulance chasers. I always throw out every prototype I’ve ever built, especially when I need to demonstrate a working model for company launching purposes. FFS :expressionless:

Here is the pro version

$2500 wouldn’t even get you refrigerated panniers, let alone the centrifuge…[/quote]
Such a very amazing link!

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