Hopping on the bandwagon

Hey all

I’m hopping on the bandwagon and I made a Strava account. No, I will not be using an actual GPS device; Yes, I will be fully involved (or at least try to be) in the Strava Shenanigans.

Your life will never be the same.

This is a fact.

Which means you now go drop 300 dollars on a garmin so you can join the strava ‘shenanigans’

Most efficient way to hop on the GPS enabled cyclocomputer bandwagon is a cheap android smart phone and get an app.

Use a non GPS enabled computer for cadence, HR, etc and just have the phone sitting in your back pocket collecting GPS data from the ride with your screen off.

I meant to say “cost efficient”…

I’m using my phone just like before. I’m not really interested in cadence as I judge it based on how I feel, I may get a computer later on but for now I’m good.

Is your phone true GPS or a-GPS? Either way there is of course a Strava App for smartphones.

I’m not sure, it’s a samsung galaxy s2. I believe it may be agps, but I could be wrong