Hot news! bike shop liquidation!

For all you addicts who just can’t get enough discount bike stuff, or for anyone who is just joining the cycling team and feels they still don’t have all the appopriate gear, or for everyone in between, go check out The Yellow Jersey (Le Maillot Jaune? not sure if that’s how it’s spelled.) the place went under in a big way, and now the liquidators are selling everything at 50 % or more. Irina rozin just picked up a Trek 1.2 for around $500 plus free pedals, and I got some Time RXS road pedals for $60! They will be open again tomorrow from 12 pm.

Check it out on Red Flag, that’s where Irina first heard about it. LOTS of tires, pumps, tools, parts, jerseys, some bibs. CHEAP pedals, mainly road stuff. Chains, cassettes, everything 50% retail.

750 boul. decarie, Metro Du College, about 2 blocks north on the left of the street walking north.

I work not to far from there (namur Metro) if anyone want’s to know what there is there please post what you’re looking for and I will take the time to drop by as I am curious for certain things (even though I shouldent be… because I just just finished buying a new bike! then again I could use some new tubulars).

at a reduced price

Do you know if there are any women’s mtb shoes with clips, about size 8 or 9?

I’m going to check the place out today - I’ll let you know. Any preference for clip type?

Only finish work @ 4:00 p.m.

I’m pretty sure they did have mountain bike shoes, but I didn’t look at sizes. prices are definitely very reasonable though.

any idea on the prices for jerseys, bibs and/or gloves? do they have leg warmers by any chance?

oh, and do you know until when will they have these prices??

thanks a lot!

I did not look at prices of bibs, jerseys, or gloves, but everything is 50% off retail, so very good prices. I don’t know how long this will be goign on, basically until everything is gone. You could find more information on le Maillot Jaune Bankruptcy sale here:

not really lots of info, but it does give the hours.

Just got back from there - pickings are getting slim. I bought a load of stuff. They have some nice giordana jerseys that come out to like 50$ with the sale.

They still have a small pedal selection left and a handful of shoes. Decent selection of tires - its tough to argue with $17 for mid range vittorias. Also if you need a new multi tool is a good time to buy. I got a topeak alien (that comes with the all important knife and a bottle opener) for 15$.

Oh, and if anyone is going there could you pick me up another set of the THINLINE all weather brake pads - I only bought one for some strange reason.

Hahah it was more like a shopping spree :wink:

What seemed the most abundent was cycling clothing, Moutain bike tubs, computers (wired), gloves, brake pads, pumps, waterbottles, there are some shoes though its a very limited amount.

Plus what jason said.

i just finished exams and was wondering if anyone thinks that its still worth it to go…i mean, will there still be stuff left by now??


personally I think all the good stuff got cleared out rather fast, I don’t know if its still open though…