Hot Yoga IV: The Buddha's Revege

Same deal as before: Tuesday, Feb 10th, $10, be there at 7pm (class at 7:30) , bring two towels, a mat if you can find one, and enough water to drown a camel. 3863 rue St. Laurent. Don’t eat schwartz’s beforehand, as tempting as it looks.

this is a 90 minute powerflow, so it will be intense. But beginners can still get away with it. Just don’t expect to get every pose in.

Just wondering what day this is…

you’re so needy.

also, if you aren’t sure what you should bring or haven’t done this before, check out this page:

come on guys, we need a big crowd so that Moksha will be happy with me for bringing in a bunch of people. they were annoyed when it was just Ben Blake and I for the 7am morning class.

i’m going to try and come to this, i feel like i need this right now. Having said that i have a 20 page paper due thursday so i may need to pull out.

Count me in :slight_smile:

Ben, couldn’t you make a “Definitely Maybe” column for me?

that column is just for erin, so no one else take her slot.

I hate to do this, but I don’t think I will make this one. I have a bunch of work and still haven’t ridden yet today, sorry

i’m out too. this week is just impossible… :frowning:

damn. they are gonna be mad at me.

I’ll still be there Ben. And Erin is definitely maybe.

what about georgina, hons? go knock on her office door!

i slept so well last night

This looks interesting. If we can find a sitter, my wife and I will be there next week.

well, we are only gonna have another one if we have AT LEAST 5 people show up. This is supposed to be a group price, and the owner of the studio was not impressed when I showed up with 4 last night.

Ben why don’t you make create a poll on so that you can see when the most people are available and then see if you can go to that class.

what is

Sooo basically you can register, it’s free, you make an event which. Then you can poll time slots. Anyone who is interested clicks on the link that you post and then clicks on their availability. You then can see who is interested and what times slots have the most people. It’s easier than having ten people tell you verbally or in 10 different emails.

You might want to narrow down the time slots though. It would probably be easier if you do monday to friday from say 6pm-11pm instead of m-f 7am-11pm. If you can try and organize it when the classes that we can go to are available.

I hope that makes sense…

If you want I can create one or just use the link and create an account, it’s super easy.