How's about an introduction?

Heya everybody!

My name is Mike Prebil, and I’m now happily enrolled as a U0 freshman. I’m even more happily subscribed to this delightful forum of yours, which, I will say, seems a manifestation of all the best that the internet has to offer. Clean lines. Good contrast. Sober, God-fearing subscribers?

And biking! Ah, the biking! I’m very happy about that. For the moment, I’m living in Baltimore, Maryland, USA (the City that Reads!) and am very excited to be heading up to Montreal. Why? Well, I’ll tell you. For the opportunity to get away from the States (no, I don’t have any warrants,) to speak French, and to do some G-D bicycling!

I’ve led my school’s biking ventures (mechanics-charity and riding,) for the past two years, and am getting into my third year of work at a local bike shop. Bicycles and me, well, we’re like Brad and Angelina. Eternally inseparable. To cut this sucker short, I’ll talk about something I like talking about almost as much as I like talking about myself: my bicycles. Picture time, ahoy!

This one is my monstrosity, the first bicycle I built completely and entirely for and by myself. I love it dearly. It’s an old Specialized Hard Rock that I stripped and spaypainted “Don’t Steal Me, Idiot” yellow-green. It’s a singlespeed/fixed-gear, whose build I planned with Montreal winters in mind. I commute on it. S’good.

This is a not very good picture of my mountain bike. It’s an '05 Giant XtC, onto which I tacket a bashguard, some riser bars, and some chunky-hot Oury grips that I find very sexy. It’s a nice bike, but it doesn’t have too much bounce, which it looks like a lot of you fellas and fellettes have. I would have liked to turn it singlespeed if I had gotten a dual-suspension, but alas, it weren’t in the cards. Maybe next summer.

And last, but certainly not least, the newest and most favorite of my stable is my new road bike. My parents and I dutifully sought out a deal on a nice frame/fork for my graduation, and found one, this one, an '06 Litespeed Tuscany. I built it up mostly with the upgraded parts from my old Jamis, a very funny bike which looked weird with Campagnolo stuff on it, but the wheels, which I love, are new, built up by yours truly. If you want more pictures, oh, I’ve got them.

That’s it! I look forward to meeting all you fine people, and doing a good bit of riding witcha. It seems like a lot of this club is kind of spur of the moment, which, in addition to some well-placed discipline, is a very good thing. After all, should we get ulcers from biking? No. Joint deterioration? Yes. Prostate obliteration? Maybe. But ulcers? Emphatically, no! Do holler back at me, won’t you? Regards,


Hey Mike!

Welcome to the forum!

As I am sure you have ventured around the site, you have gained an idea of what, we, as both an all inclusive club, and a competitive team are all about. We have both recreational, non-competitive riders as well as competitive riders, some competing in Cat. 1.

The mountian team makes regular trips to Ontario and the US to race in various MTB races, while the road team has its season in the US ( in March-May.

There are quite a few members who have stuck around for the summer, so please, do not hesitate to watch for posted rides and feel free to come out and ride when one meets your schedule and you are in Montréal.

We will be having an information session on September 5th, while tryouts/indoc rides will occur the following week.

On the weekend of either the 16-17 or 23-24 of September, the team and about 24 members (including coaches) will be heading to Bromont for our annual fall training camp. I encourage you, as potentially a new member to the team, to attend this weekend. It is a great team building weekend, and its alot of fun also.

The team also holds various team fund-raising activities through out the year, and with your background, im sure you’ll fit in and be able to help out quite a bit.

Anyways Mike, keep posted to the forum for the location of the team meeting, and we look forward to meeting you!

Hope your summer’s going well.

-Mike Acton
Assistant Coach/Manager, McGill Cycling Team

to make the road team, you need to be able to time-trial 10km at an average of 46.5 km/h. Otherwise the roster gets too big to head down to the States for competition. So make sure you’re in shape when comes the time for try-outs in September!

Yo, the cutoff was 47.5km/h when I didn’t make the team 2 years ago… what’s the deal now, lowering the standards…?

Anyway, welcome man! Looking forward to have you on the team. :wink:

well, we actually expect people to average 46.5km/h with a power output of 650 watts over 18 minutes. Thats withOUT power juice!

you also have to build your own aero helmet out of high impact resistant cardboard…

Suppose this titanic time trial test will be on flat terrain, right? Boy has no experience in that arena. Guess I’ll just have to work on my BEAST MODE.

Anyways, a more pressing question. What’s the bike storage situation? Hopefully, my Little Family Volvo that Could will be hauling three bicycles up, assuming there’s place to put them. I’ll certainly keep my commuter at the dorm (I’m in Gardner,) but what about my other two? Any exclusive club stash spots I should know about?


The McGill Cycling Team itself does not have any storage facilities do. The tri team does, but you have to pay their outrageous $250/semester fee to be on the team and use their facilities.

If you can find someone close to campus to store them (unfortunately, our place is full with about 5 bikes as it is), that might work. put out a shout on the forum.


With all due respect the fee is 175$/semester which includes 3 sports, 12hrs of coaching each week, periodization schedules, seminars, and gear storage (yay!).

Wow, wow, hold on a sec. We can still join in the weekly rides even if we don’t ‘make’ the road team, right? I just got a new road bike over the summer and I was looking forward to riding it with the team in the fall.

I’m not so interested in racing road (I’m a mountain-biker at heart :smiley: ) but you’ll let me tag along on the morning rides, no?

haha for sure Monika. We are first and foremost an all-inclusive club, racing team second.

Our weekly group rides will have a couple different groups eventually, a more advanced/faster group, and a couple slower/less advanced groups, all following the approximate same route so as to ensure no one gets lost… except if you’re Tom and Dan trying to ride out to the west island…

Hello everyone,
how about an introduction!
My name is Gabriel Nault, I’m about to start school at Mcgill this fall in Finance, and guess what?! I love cycling!! lol
I doubt I can do 10k @ 46.5km/h (mad props!), but I’d nonetheless love to ride with a group! (I’ve been riding for 2 years, but alone, which isn’t as fun)

My stable consists of an old OCR1 which is my rain bike, and a Gios carbon w/ campy centaur '07 that I built up over the winter.

Needless to say, I am really looking forward to meeting you all at the meeting in september and riding with all of y’all!!!


btw, looove the website, very impressive!

Hahaha, I love how an OCR1 is your rain bike! I just got an OCR1 about a month ago and I treat it like it’s the most precious thing in the world. :smiley:


Hey Gabriel,

Sorry, but we dont accept management students on the team…


Good to hear from you man. You’ll find that we above all else, we just like to have fun here, so if you’re into that, then great.

Dont forget to mark off your calender the September 5th meeting, the following week tryouts, and the Sept 15-16th Bromont training weekend.

When will you be moving to Montreal?

See you August/September.


I’ll be at the meeting for sure, and that biking training camp idea really sounds like a blast! I live in St-Bruno, so I’m already “in” Mtl, that great pothole-filled city :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

and monika, made a mistake, it’s an OCR3 I have, LOL, oupsi :wink:

and for the record, we were joking about having to do 46km/h for 10km. We were also joking, that it is not a team prerequisite to make your own aero helmet out of a high impact cardboard (although, you would score some cool points with Dan L. if you did)

Good bye, and see you in a month.


Ooops… I totally thought you were serious! :oops:

I can’t tell with you roadies :wink:

see mike it’s a good thing you clarified… it’s nice to be nice.

true! :oops:

The sarcasm bit flew right over my head. I was about to flick some needles and start cracking out the ol’ EPO.

It seems like everybody’s kind of playing down the racing element. So, McGill cycling is kind of an as-hardcore-as-you-make-it kind of gig? Ish? All I’m looking for is a bit of self-esteem crushing at the hands of a hard-knocks coach with skeletons in his closet. Mr. Acton?