I hate Fox news

After watching this, i was annoyed at the Ignorance of the reporters and how they made fun of Canadians. And also, how they lower public opinion of the American public.
Then again, this is Fox News who are making a fool of themselves again.

This in no way changes how i feel about Americans, I love them, but I cant believe that they would go this far…

On Better Report. Lucky Man

Well the guy is a troll aimed at making a very lowly demographic feel better about themselves - what do you expect?

Incidentally, the problem is a shortage of officers and logistics and light armoured vehicles. Attrition rate of stuff like the LAVs in particular is extremely high due to terrain and caustic environment.

I suspect some of those statements are a plot by the military to trump up additional budge for the forces - which isn’t an unrealistic position given the military commitments. Shit wears out and it needs replacing something like 5x-10x faster than during peacetime.

then it sounds to me like an easy solution is peace.

we aren’t even at war.

zomg canadians taking a break means ruzzians invade teh alaskorz.

Sarah Palin should be worried.

This is, without a doubt, the dumbest thing I have ever seen on television.

Harper doesn’t care what Radio-Canada thinks about him, but oh lord, should Fox News criticize… That really hurts