Importance of learning to bunny hop your bike Stage 3 Giro

Stage 3 Giro

Aside from Roberto Ferrari’s unprofessional move in the sprint, which caused Cavendish to crash hard, Farnese Vini’s Elia Favilli bunny hops Cav and avoids doing any more harm. See it at about 34 seconds into the vid.

I can’t believe I didn’t notice that the first 5 times I watched it! Spectacular!

Must have been a mountain biker…that was absolutely textbook technique.

Impressive! This is where MTB, CX or similar disciplines can help a roadie. MTB certainly helped Armstrong at one point (TDF 03 Beloki accident).

how not to sprint

this is all MTB propaganda. no rider (italian, even more so) from farnese vini would ever look at a mountain bike

This is what italian mountain biking looks like. Granted, Gee Atherton is not Italian, but there are some bonafide Italian mountain bikers falling all over themselves trying to shake his hand and casually brush against his rippling abs.

it was probably just their allergies acting up