Interested in joining

I’m interested in joining the cycling (road) team when I get to Montréal in late August, I have a few questions. How often are the rides? Looking at the calendar for last year it seems weekly on saturday, is this for all groups (beginner, intermediate, advanced)? I don’t have much experience biking so I guess I’ll start off in the beginner group.

I also need a bike. Don’t have a ton of money, pretty much need to keep it under 500. Craigslist seems pretty dry, and bike shops don’t usually sell used bikes (do they?), where do you all suggest I look? Or anyone happen to know anyone selling something in that range? I need a 58 - 60cm frame, not too picky on the rest.

Hi Vic.

The majority of rides are organized rather informally on this forum - anybody can post a ride, and anybody can sign up. Time, distance, meeting place and ability level are usually included in every post. I’d estimate that once everybody gets back to Montreal, there is at least four rides posted every week.

In addition, there is a weekly early morning ride/competition during the fall, last year it was on Thursday mornings. It’s a short (about an hour) loop with 5 or so big climbs, and points are awarded based on the order at the top of each climb. These are tracked throughout and a king and queen of the mountain are awarded at the end. There may also be weekly sprints at the F1 track at some point, and there will definetly be long rides going out every weekend. Also, various team workouts will be planned during the off season, when the snow makes us sad. All this being said, the rides are all obviously completely optional - do what you can do and what you enjoy.

As to the bike issue, I don’t really have any recomendations. You may be able to get a previous year’s model from a bike shop in your price range, but I agree that you’d be far better off looking for something used. Keep looking on craigslist I guess and perhaps somebody else around here might come up with some leads.

Sorry should also mention that the team has riders of all abilities and I’m sure that you can find people who will both challenge you and be enjoyable to ride with.


I have a 58 cm spec allez ('07 I think) that’s been collecting dust for a while. I need to slap on some new cables and swap out derailleurs and it’s ready to go, will sell for <$500. You can check it out when you get into town.

CL tends to pick up end of season when people want to offload their season’s ride and you can often get a good deal at a bike shop for a two year old model since they really need to clear for new stock in the fall/winter. $500 is pretty tight even for a decent entry level bike right now though and I find CL really overpriced at the best of times anyway.

There are usually a lot of ad-hoc rides posted for all levels during the peak season when everyone is back for classes and the weather is prime.

Eric: Thanks for all the info. I’m quite looking forward to this, hope it all fits in my schedule.

Jason: That sounds promising, I’ll get in contact with you when I get back.