Interesting Race Camera

This was shot at a criterium by a motorcycle helmet behind the breakaway. It sort of feels like you there, and makes me feel really slow.

check out the course map! 7 turns and several sweepers. talk about sweaty palms and nerves of steel.

…and the really big tree they whip past looks rather solid and unfriendly to wayward riders as well :shock:

any idea on the average/highest speed professional cyclists get on flat ground?

well, when i did the Coupe de Monde sur le Mt Royal a few years ago, on the downhill that “drops” you off on Parc we hit 75 k/hr. I’m a bit scaredy and was in one of the many chase packs, so there were definately girls going faster than that.

What event? What sort of bike?

Aerodynamic faring equipped, reclined HPVs completely destroy conventional TT bikes in the 1 hr competitions.

Trial events go wicked fast compared to road races.

The total average speeds for the Tour are now in the 39-42 km/h range, and thats averaging the climbs, descents, flats and TTs.

at the giro this year a guy from saxo bank had a max speed of 123 km/hr on the downhill.

the world HPV record is 130 km/h on the flat!

Look at the chainring these guys are pushing