Intermediate, long ride, MONDAY MAY 3RD, any time, lets just ride!

hello all,

it’s time for me to come out of the closet… where i’ve been hiding under stacks of books and ride my bike again!! :smiley:

i propose a long relaxed ride on monday, whatever time of day works best for everyone. south shore? west island? the route is not a problem with me, just so long as i can spend some good hours on my bike.

lets call it a post exam early week special… WOOHOO

Sounds great! I really like the west island ride. Plus we could do some laps of the McGill crit course.
There are these guys from Harvard who wrote on the forum that they are riding from Boston to Montreal this weekend and wanted to go riding on Monday. Maybe we could invite them.

Nevermind, I’m dumb. Just read that their trip is off. That’s too bad, but that’s two more riders for the McGill Crit! Btw I’m still down to ride.

Ill come to your ride if you come to mine!

max i want to come to yours but i work on saturday/sunday… :frowning:

aww boo :frowning: Ill try to make it out Mon

what time is this?

if you don’t get anyone to your ride, i’m riding tomorrow at 9:00 i"ll meet you at the foot of the jaques cartier bridge for 9:00 post here in the morning if you’re in. i can only ride for 3 hrs max.

k, i’m not riding if it’s raining.// not planning to ride tomorrow at this point.

same as drew