Introducing myself

Hey, my name is Matt. I’m going to be a U0 at McGill next year and I’m looking into cycling. I’m not sure if I’d be good enough for the varsity team or not. I’m from the states (Massachusetts to be exact).

I’ve riden cross country since I was about the age of 10. I had always used a hardtail until two years ago I bought a 2005 Cannondale Prophet 800 (130mm front, 140mm rear). Unfortunately I had to sell my road bike to get it (2004 Cannondale R600), so I no longer have a a road bike, but I may be able to take my dad’s bike (also a R600). I got my bike as somewhat of a hybrid so I could ride cross country but also take my bike up to the mountains on the weekends for downhilling. I’m kind of worried it isn’t light enough to be a competitive in cross country, and it definitely doesn’t have enough travel for downhill.

What kind of bikes do cross country riders use?

Also, what speed do the road rides average?


These are some pictures from a trip to Vermont for some downhilling at Mt. Snow. It rained that morning and was very slippery. Needless to say I nearly died on several occasions. Luckily chicks dig body damage, eh?

my bike

my friend

just cool

my bike again

Hy Matt, welcome.

I’m one of the cross country guides and downhillers. I ride two bikes, a Specialized Epic and a Giant Faith. Prophet is a sweet bike, and its a sweet bike. There are different classes at races so you’ll find the one you fit in no problem, and you’re better off with that, in my opinion, compared some die-hards on full stiff bikes.

Some other riders have hardtail konas, Specialized FSR, Comencal, and uuuh, david what do you ride again?

Keep in touch and when you come up be sure to come for a ride with us.

That sounds cool. I’m actually coming up to Montreal with some friends during my spring break (April 19-22) for some… fun. Two of the three friends coming are fellow mtbers, so maybe I’ll see if they want to bring their bikes (might be too complicated though, no where to keep bikes in a hotel).

I used to ride a Cannondale F300 (CAAD2 frame, hardtail) that I gutted and replaced with full XT components. I could fly on that bike… so light. I eventually had to retire it because I outgrew the frame and it didn’t support disk brakes. One time I took it up to the mountains and nearly killed myself (I have a scar and nerve damage to prove it). That was what made me decide to finally go full suspension.

I was going to upgrade some of the components on my Prophet but the stock crank/bb is pretty solid so I decided not to mess with it for now. I’ve gone through wayyyy too many shimano bottom brackets to consider getting another hollotech crank. I didn’t even bother installing the one I already had.

Hi Matt

as Marc did say, there is a lot of different cathegories at race, and the beginner one do include people who are just there to try and have lots of fun! Also, in the team, there is some people who simply join us to ride and will do no competition, just there to enjoy riding with a bunch of people.

If you just want to ride for the fun of it, your bike is awesome! I ride a Commencal Meta 5 myself (with the same purpose as you, to be able to ride up and down, when i want, where i want). It’s not super light and has too much travel for a regular XC bike (130mm/130mm).

As for april, the main trails are not open yet because of snow and mud, but there is some place to go on the local mountain, the Mont-Royal.

We’ll let you know what’s up with that, but you are coming in our final exams period.

see you later