Introduction and some questions

Hi guys.

I’m an alum living outside of Washington, DC, and found the site because I was looking for a McGill Jersey.

Looks like this is a team site but also open to others.
I’d also really like to order a Jersey or two if that’s doable. Was just up in Montreal and Ottawa (came in to see Leonard Cohen :smiley: ) and actually checked out the campus store but no luck. Can someone let me know?

Did 160 miles in 4 days around Montreal, Ottawa and Sutton. What a gorgeous place to ride.

If anyone is interested in riding around DC, I know a number of great routes and am happy to show some folks.

hi Adrien,

Send me your email at
You’re right in time for our 2008-2009 order. I will send you all the info you need through


Hi adrien,

My grandparents live in Chevy Chase, MD, and I am thinking about going down there for a week or two to do research in the national archieves. I’m sure I will be in desperate need of a ride after spending hours going through dusty Nixon-era memos, so I’ll definitely hit you up if I am going down there. You can also reach me at


Hi guys –

sent email re jersey…

Ben – chevy Chase is nice, and there are literally hundreds of miles of nice rides around here. Keep in mind that for folks used to riding in Canada it’s HOT here.

An option might be to come a little later and so extend your season. October is a nice riding month here…

I don’t mind riding when its hot. And I certainly hope that I am not still working on my thesis in october, although I allow for that possibility…

hey adrien…

for future reference, and anyone else wondering the same thing, the only way to get a mcgill cycling jersey is to order them with the team. that is very possible, and you don’t have to be a student or member, you will just have to pay a little bit extra… they are not available in the campus stores! we often place orders for members of the community that would like to purchase one, and who ride with us from time to time as well. so if there’s anyone else out there, who isn’t a student or team member, send us an email if you would like to order a jersey and be proud to represent mcgill!!

although we are trying to figure out how we CAN sell them in campus stores…
If anyone has any hints for us on that front, please let us know.

the mcgill jerseys used to be sold at ABC, do they not do that anymore?

we will not be with ABC anymore. CGR, our new shop, will sell them. The exec will look into ways to sell MCT clothing on campus.