Invitation to ride in Outaouais and eventual cyclocross/MTB week-end in Magog in September

Hi everyone,

for those who don’t know me, I was riding a lot with MCT in the past 3 years, excluding last year because I was in Gatineau for a rotation.
a) I’m back in Hull for a month (Aug1-Aug 26) and have an apartment with an unoccupied room with a queen bed. I already have some people who will come and visit me, but if you’re interested in coming for a couple of days, ride the beautiful Gatineau Park, take part in the terrific Saturday Carp ride, or the grueling OBC Sunday rides, or the Tuesday Park race, don’t hesitate to PM me! I might not be able to ride with you all the time, but I’ll love the company!

b) my dad bought a cottage in Magog and I discovered the fantastic dirt roads and trails in that area. Some of them are a bit extreme for a road bike, but just perfect for cyclocross and a very non-technical for any cross-country rider. I was thinking of organizing a training week-end there in September or October. As of now, I have the 1st week-end of September (3-4), the 3rd one (Sept 17-18) and the 1st w-e of October (1-2). Think about it, it will be amazing. Oh, and did I mention that there’s a POOL and a SAUNA at the house?

I’m in for Magog on the CX whenever aussi!

I’m in for Magog on the cx whenever!