It's potlcuk time again!

It’s that time again… potluck time! Leslie, Nadine and I were thinking it would be nice to have a potluck before everyone gets too busy. We were thinking this Friday, starting at 6ish. Bring whatever you want - if you are planning on coming, post here so we know roughly how many people might show up, and also post what you are thinking of bringing. We hope to see you all here! I will post our address on the team only section later in the week.

Sounds good. I might have to jet around 9’ish to get food for Bromont, but ill still be there.

Ill bring pie(s) for desert.

Is Dan R. gonna be there? I miss that dude haha

I`ll be there for Sure! I will bring some main stuff. I know I have a request for the pastas I made last time… we will see

By the way, your address is already on the team only section from last putlock :P.

see you soon

I’ll defiantly be there with some form of desert, carrot cake again maybe.

I can do a main dish, I can make either my pork pad thai or a new curried chicken and rice recipe I’ve been exposed to this summer.

Ooo,I remember the pork pad thai… I vote for that!

our address is in the team only section…

Ok this might be a silly question, but how do I get to this so called “team only section”?

oh, the elusive team only section. i think the way it works is if you have registered for it, you will be able to see it at the bottom of the main page when you are signed in. If you are signed in and can’t see it maybe you need to send an email to… Marc? I’m not sure exactly who is running the forum right now. hope that helped a bit. if you can’t get it to wokr, I can send you a PM with our address.

are you guys worried about some unauthorized cyclists showing up and crashing your potluck? :wink:

Hey, I’m the admin now, so contact me email or pm to get added to the team section (odontomachus @t gmail d.t com).

Monika, you should be in.

And sorry about the potluck, I’m working on that night :frowning:

See ya all around

I’m in… I’m thinking apple crisp – unless anybody complains about there being too much dessert, in which case it could be replaced by a much less tasty salad…

And I can testify to her apple crisp!

definintely apple crisp :slight_smile:

Hey! I think I am coming too.
On the other hand my roomate and fellow cycling teamate Mea can’t come though.

I think I can bring a salad… Im sorry I just don’t know how to cook, or at least nothing that can be more impressive than plain pasta at the moment :roll:


If you come to the potluck, ill bring your Bromont money then.

I meant to email you to meet this week, but ive been hella-busy.

See you friday.


Now that is insentive to go to the potluck lol

No problem, then, see you there!


Hey, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it tonight. I’ve got class until pretty late in the day, and in anticipation of Bromont, I’ve got to get me some homework done. I’ll be there tomorrow, though, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Would love to come - but have far too much work right now, and I either come to the potluck, or ride on Sunday. Am definately keen on the brew pub next week though, so I get a chance to meet more of you! Hope it is a great time!

Hey, just wanted to mention that Ill be a bit late, and hopefully arrive around 7ish…