Jazz this FRIDAY


I will be going to listen to live jazz, played by the Sam Mullen Trio, this Thursday directly after spin class.
The show usually goes from about 10 pm until 12am, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. The Buddhi Lounge is a super relaxing underground tea room that is the perfect post-workout place to chill and have some tea. (or beer or whatever you want, actually)
Bring your friends.

Le Buddhi Lounge
253 Duluth Est
$3 cover for the band, tea is not expensive. They have some interesting food items as well.

Very tempting. It will depend on how badly spinning hurts me.

the more it hurts, the more relaxing this will be. jazz doesn’t hurt at all.

Sounds nice. I am also tempted tough yet unsure whether I will come.


Yeah, I’m actually worried that it would be too relaxing. I hate being ‘that’ guy who sleeps through a concert.

this isn’t a concert really, I think it would be totally appropriate to go to sleep. also, all the seats are big cushy couches. come and take a nap

so, I just got a message back from Sam Mullen, turns out this week is the only week where it will be on a FRIDAY, starting at 10 pm, not thursday.

apparently the buddhi lounge double booked, and they had to push sam mullen back a day. I’m not sure yet who is playing on thursday, but I am looking into it.
I am still down for going on friday.

Hey I might make an apperance…depends what time I will finish in the lab… yes I work in the lab on (some) Friday nights…don’t laugh…