Jerseys are here

Chers amis,

For the first time ever, a jersey order is brought to you… on time! I now have in my possession 30lbs of McGill apparel that needs to be dispersed. Now since you’ve all so kindly paid in advance that should be the easy part.
Here’s the deal, all the items are at my house in NDG right now and I can’t store the boxes at work like the last order. Thus, a sign-up will be made on the forum. Each day there will be a sign-up for a specified time that you can meet me in the OTTO MAASS LOBBY. I will bring 8 people’s orders every day until they’re all gone then I’ll store the rest down town. So, hold on here are the times.

MONDAY from 12h45-13h15
TUESDAY from 14h00-14h25
WEDNESDAY from 11h35-12h00
THURSDAY from 14h00-14h25
FRIDAY from 12h45-13h15

There are some rules to go along with this of course.
Firstly, I’m going to be checking who has signed up for the next day at the end of my business day the day before, so, I cannot guarantee that I will bring your order with me if you do not sign up for a spot 24h in advance of the meeting time.
Secondly, No drop ins welcome. Because I won’t have all the jerseys with me downtown, appointments are a necessity.
Thirdly, if you miss an appointment that you signed up for, that’s ok, I’ll keep what I’ve brought to school in a locker and you can come and pick it up during another appointment.

If none of these times work for you ask and we can work something out. (as always I can be bribed with baked goods). Also you can arrange to pick up your items at my houses in either NDG or LaSalle, if that’s more convenient for you. And if you’re currently abroad, email me and we can work out shipping details.

Before emailing or calling me please post questions and special requests on the forum in the jersey thread.

Your loving jersey rep,
Jessica MacDonald
(514) 835-3316
jessamaka (at)