Jersey's have arrived!

Hi team,

I’m glad to inform you that the jersey order has arrived and everything looks great! I know that alot of you are not around at the moment but I can only offer shipping on an individual bases at your own cost. Your order won’t be going any where so maybe you could arrange when someone you know comes to Montreal to pick up your fabulous new kit for you.
As you all know when you come to pick up order there is a small outstanding fee for taxes/shipping/duty. A cheque would be most convenient for me, but I’ll take cash also.
Here is the final prices for the items. (so if you ordered a jersey and gave us 45, you only need to bring $8 with you to get your jersey!)

Jersey 53.00
shorts 56.00
bib sh.
jacket 56.00
gloves 31.00
arms 24.00
legs 32.00
hat 12.00

Pick up: All the various paraphernalia is currently housed in my office in the PULP & PAPER building on McGill Campus. here’s a map if you don’t know where that is. I’d prefer if you call me or email with a time before coming over because P&P is a bit of a maze and I’m not normally in the office. cell: (see member’s only section for my number) . you can make an appointment to come by between 10am-3pm.
Also I live in LaSalle so if that’s closer for you I can bring your stuff home and you can pick it up at my place. Notably I do not come down town on evening or weekends.

So that’s all kids happy riding I hope that you guys can all start flying those McGill colours soon and have a good summer.

if anyone cannot pick things up from Jessica during the day but would like to pick things up from Downtown at night. Let us know and I will find a time to get them from her and take them to my place (downtown) where you can meet me sometime in the evening.

Let me know soon though because I am going to get some stuff from Jessica pretty soon and I work during the day so I can’t make a hundred trips.


514 504 6393 or email me

if someone has a larger ass than they thought, and wants to trade their medium shorts with my large, let me know, cause mine are a bit too big…